Ski Family Testimonials

Hello! We’re the Woytuik family! We have been past of the NAST family for the past 5 seasons, ever since the Andersons said hey, we have this cool ski club that we’re part of and you should join it! So we did!! Little did we know that it would quickly become our favourite thing about winter. We had a small amount of ski experience between the four of us, with a few lessons that the kids had taken over the years, but no experience with racing. Fast forward to today: Mike has been around the hill helping with the littles when our kids were smaller, Ashley has been on the board for going on three years and is a Level 2 Alberta Alpine official, and both Emily and Nick are training and racing with the HP program this year.

We have gone from beginner new kids to seasoned veterans, and made so many amazing friends along the way. Our kids have learned the value of hard work, determination, and how to have fun at the same time. Our NAST family is absolutely phenomenal and so incredibly welcoming. We would have never imagined that winter is our favourite season, but that’s what happens when you join NAST: you start to love winter and snow! We are so excited for this upcoming season and all of the new adventures that await.

Hello from the Thomson Family. As we head into our 13th year with the Club we couldn’t be happier with the decision we made. Skiing has brought us friends that are like family, an appreciation for skiing/driving in snow storms, hard work, commitment and a life long love for outdoor adventures. NAST has given us more amazing moments and unforgettable memories than we could have ever asked or hoped for throughout the years.

Thank you to the many that have made the long Winters better and the stormy days brighter. Thank you to the coaches, volunteers, board members, parents and our community that have helped to make our little Club thrive and endure through some of the most unexpected and challenging times…our appreciation and gratitude for each and everyone of you comes from the heart.

We have watched our boys develop their skills, friendship, sportsmanship and confidence because of this sport and we are forever thankful for having the opportunity to be apart of this amazing family

NAST has been a part of our lives for 11 years. We have spent countless hours travelling, coaching, chaperoning, ski tuning, volunteering, fundraising and of course SKI RACING – worth every minute! There have been a lot of wins, losses, laughs, celebrations, smiles, tears, frozen fingers and frozen toes (parents and kids) but more importantly…a lot of lasting friendships for our family!

A huge thank you to all our coaches, board members and awesome families (past and present) who full-heartedly support and keep this program running in Grande Prairie.

Looking forward to another great ski season with NAST. Winters are long – why not spend it with a Village!

We are the Anderson Family. We started skiing with NAST in 2016. I am the registration coordinator on the board, my husband coaches the 4-6 year olds and our 3 kids all ski race both in slalom and ski cross. Me and my husband were both snowboarders and hadn’t skied since childhood when we joined. We knew absolutely nothing about ski racing. We learned very early the ski club, was really more a ski family. The kids favourite season is ski season, aka winter.

We love doing things and going on trips as a family. The winter months seem so much shorter when we are busy playing in the snow at Nitehawk or Jasper. Skiing has helped us teach our children responsibility, the importance of teamwork, mental and physical stamina and toughness.

My husband and I have also really enjoyed the adult ski race training. Come season end, the parent race is a pretty high stakes race.

There are not many better places than a sunny day on the top of a mountain with your whole family.