If the hill is open, we are skiing! Each family can decide what is too cold for your skier.

Our Goal is fun, not freezing so please dress accordingly!

Nitehawk will close when temperatures are below -30C. Closures will be communicated to the club as soon as possible after Nitehawk makes their determination.

Cold Weather Tips:

  • Dress in layers – base layer to insulate and wick away moisture, insulating mid-layer, and a water & wind proof shell
  • Charcoal hand warmers are great!
  • Charcoal foot warmers work well, but please ensure that there is enough space within the ski boot to wiggle toes
  • Cover any exposed skin – try a balaclava or tape
  • Choose mitts over gloves

We plan for approximately 16 weeks of training at Nitehawk. Training is dependent on weather and snow conditions but typically starts early Dec and ends early April.

Parents, please have your skier at the hill dressed and ready to ski 10 minutes prior to the start times listed above. The groups will not wait for late skiers. If you arrive late, please find a Coach. They will radio your skier’s Coach. DO NOT send your skier out on the hill to look for their group.

A parent/guardian must remain at the hill during training to take responsibility for your athlete to assist in breaks, cold protection, or in case of injury. Frequency of breaks will be dictated by the weather. As we are unable to use the warmup shack this year, warm up breaks will be in vehicles. Please pack a snack and water in your racer’s boot bag for break times. An extra granola bar in a pocket is also a great idea. The Nitehawk chalet will be open.

If you require financial assistance, you may be eligible for the Canadian Tire’s Jumpstart program. Since 2005 the local Jumpstart Chapter has provided over $216,000 to help over 1500 children participate in organized sports and recreation. JumpStart Application

If you have any questions about any of the gear listed below, please ask your Coach.

  • Helmet – must have hard ear coverings
  • Goggles – very important! you can’t ski if you can’t see
  • Skis – must be parabolic skis
  • Boots – if possible avoid rear entry boots
  • Poles – all Nitehawk skiers must use poles at age 6 and up. For 4 & 5 year olds this will be at the coach’s discretion.

Ski Passes at Nitehawk Adventure Park are offered with special club pricing for club members. Ski passes at other ski resorts are typically discounted with partner season passes.

No there is only a $60/athlete coaching cost for away events (camps/races) where the coaches have travel and accommodation expenses.