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2019/2020 AWARDS


We are honoured to be able to present our 2019/2020 ski team award winners choosen by the NAST Staff:

Team Spirit - Emily Woytuik

Most Improved Male NGSL - Gage Hooper

Most Improved Female NGSL - Ada Vavrek

Racer of the Year NGSL - Kloe Stewart

Most Dedicated Racer NGSL - Kloe Stewart

Most Improved Female HP - Alyvia Penner

Most Improved Male HP - Dawson Mehr

Team Spirit HP - Linden Thomson

Racer of the Year HP - Sarah Judge

Aimee Munroe Aware - Noel Nichol

Coach of the Year - Nelson Winia






We are developing an optional weekend program that will be available for all participants if they choose. Please stay tuned for more information.






 Coach Dan Chronicles:


December 03, 2020


Hi Everyone,

Thurs Dec 3 Schedule

We will again have a registration desk outside the NAST Shack. Please arrive early so that the forms, waivers, lift tickets and payment can be completed before 6:00pm for those who have not done so.

All age groups will start classes at 6:00pm. Age groups should go to their designated areas to meet their coaches, as they did on Tuesday. As we progress through the evening, there will be some modifications to the groups based upon skill level and skier speed. As we are an athletic training program rather than a ski school, we adjust our groups to enhance and maximize skier skill development.

I again remind everyone that we must wear facial coverings or masks at all times while involved in the NAST ski programs. We must also observe social distancing.


I am working with Alberta Alpine ski association to make this course happen on Thurs/Fri evenings, Dec 17-18 and Sat/Sun Dec 19-20 on snow at Nighthawk. I have heard from 7 parents who want to take the course, and I sincerely hope that you can make the new dates. I will have room for one more. I will let you know soon when this course is confirmed. It is very important to me to have new parents trained to coach, we need you.

Bnet Crew

We are looking for parents to help us erect our Bnet safety systems in strategic areas of the ski runs tomorrow night. This can be done while your children are in their classes. Since the ski runs are short, it is more convenient to wear winter boots. You do not need to be on skis. Wearing a headlamp will also help since some areas of the runs are a little dark. We will instruct you in Bnet installation. MEET AT THE NAST SHACK AT 6:00pm

This project is very, very important as the nets can and do prevent serious injury to our athletes.

See you tomorrow,

Coach Dan


 October 22nd, 2020

Hi NAST Families from Coach Dan,


Welcome to our 2020/21 Board of Directors, Brody, Chad, Kari, Brett, Jacy, Lee, Ashley, Sean, and Morgan. Notwithstanding the landslide on Show Off and the Pandemic, this group has worked very hard to keep NAST programs exciting and innovative this season. In fact, we are all very positive about our new program and the opportunities it creates. The program is outlined generally below. I look forward to working with all of you. 

Remember how much fun our kids had last season! The photos attached will remind you. The fun this season is just around the corner.


These camps for the High Performance program will follow similar dates and locations as last year (Sunshine/Banff, Marmot Basin/Jasper and Powder King) with details to be finalized soon.


Although the ski runs will be shorter, we will get more laps in the training sessions. There will be three runs available for our exclusive use, Upper Show Off with machine built terrain for skill development (multiple rollers and a long spine), Halfpipe which is being widened for gate training (fully B-netted), and finally Will O Way which will be available for coach training, free ski skill training, dual slalom, stubby and full gate drill courses. A new cat walk is being built to ski back to the platter lift from all three runs.


Our partner mountain resorts (Marmot Basin and Powder King)  have opened their arms to NAST for this entire season. We have planned optional training and free skiing every other weekend for age groups U8 and older. What is new about this, is that we will now offer coach supervision and training to our younger age groups in addition to the High Performance program. 

NAST will do our best to negotiate group rates at our chosen hotels. Transportation, food and lift tickets are up to you. 


The race schedule has not been finally set at this time but we are working on it. We will attend the races which make sense to our coaching staff, parents and athletes. 

One race is for sure, our Edge to Edge Annual Classic (E2E) as well as regular in house NAST fun racing at Nitehawk and in the mountain resorts. We may invite other North Zone clubs to our E2E race. Very Exciting !!


The NAST board and myself are currently developing protocols to keep our athletes, parents and coaches safe. Our policies will be based upon Government of Alberta guidelines, Return to Sport protocols put forth by Alpine Canada and Alberta Alpine, and the Nighthawk Adventure Park rules.

All of the above will be adjusted and modified for our club so that we will have a safe and fun ski season. We are very fortunate to have our own clubhouse where we can control the indoor environment for our athletes, coaches and parents. We are also in discussions with Nighthawk regarding use of one of the main lodge back rooms.

Our highest NAST priority this season is to keep everyone safe, on the ski hill and in the club cabin.

All for now. As always, if you have suggestions or questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.


Coach Dan




September 29th, 2020

Hi NAST families,

I have seen new snow on the mountains near where I live so I know the ski season will be here soon. After a tough summer due to Covid 19, I can hardly wait to get out to Nitehawk and the mountains to experience the healthy freedom of skiing with our NAST kids and families.


The NAST Board and I are in the process of developing policies to keep our athletes and families safe while on the local ski hill, at the mountain resorts or in the NAST club cabin. We will incorporate Alberta government guidelines, return to sport suggestions from the BC and Alberta Alpine Ski Associations, as well as Nitehawk Adventure Park policies. We will insure that all of the above work for us, so that our athletes and parents will have a safe and fun ski season.

NAST PROGRAMS  (final details to be confirmed)

A lot has changed at Nitehawk Adventure Park since last season. Our NAST board has been working closely with the management of Nitehawk to make sure that we have great opportunities to run our programs this season. I will set out more detail in a future Infoletter. 

At this time, you need to know that all NAST athletes from U6 to U18 will have the opportunity to train up to 2 times/week at Nitehawk (Tuesday and Thursday evenings) with no public allowed. If you wish, you can ski on your own weekends at Nitehawk although the resort is open to the public.

Every other weekend, we are planning a 1 or 2 day trip to either Marmot Basin/Jasper or Powder King. These trips are optional and we are encouraging our younger athletes and their families to join us. NAST will arrange group accommodation rates for these trips. Even our younger skiers will learn skills at Nitehawk which will soon enable them to ski in the mountains.


In addition to our annual Edge2Edge club race, we will be holding regular club house league races at home and at the the mountains for all age groups, INCLUDING ADULTS. At this time, Alberta Alpine Ski Association has not published a North Zone or Provincial race schedule. We are expecting it to come out soon. However, North Zone and Provincial racing will be much different this year with smaller fields and cohort racing. I will keep you advised.

Finally, your NAST board and I are committed to planning and presenting the best NAST programs ever. If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact myself, our President Brody Thomson or any board member.

Think skiing in the mountains (see photo attached)


All for now, Coach Dan




Registration for the 2020/2021 season begins September 30th!



This year our program will be running TUESDAY and THURSDAY nights from 6:00 to 8:00 pm. Nitehawk Ski Hill will be closed to the public during our training times. Special group lift pass rates will be available for NAST training days.


We understand that not all new skiers may be ready.

If you decide within the first 3 practises that your skier is not ready this year we are allowing a refund of the Nitehawk Registration cost. 


 Special thanks to Kaynic Construction (Dave and Colt) for the addition of steps on our side door! Their support of NAST has been outstanding!

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